Every house has an anchor point — a room that sees the most use and which a family naturally gravitates towards. This is where memories are made, long days are enjoyed in comfort and holidays or birthdays are celebrated. This focal point is what every prospective home-buyer is looking for. It is a room they can immediately picture themselves living in and if they find that room, an offer on the home is far more likely to follow. Identifying this room and knowing how to accent it can help you sell your home faster and at a price that is where you want it to be.

5 Expert Tips for Highlighting A Room

When it comes to home staging, directing a buyer’s interest and focus is an art that our team at Su Casa Professional Home Staging Service has mastered. We understand the fine balance between too much decoration and not enough in a room, between warmth and stuffiness, between a space appearing liveable and lived-in.

Here are our 5 expert tips on how to achieve this:

  1. Choose the right colour – Wall colour can make all the difference to the vibe and comfort in a room. Base white paint might seem like a safe choice but, quite often, it can make a room feel cold and empty. Effective accenting colours are usually warm, mild tones that add a subtle, homely feel without being overbearing or too intense.
  2. Elegant but comfortable furniture – Choosing the right furniture is a balance between style and functionality. Organic accents, neutral colours, subtle patterns and comfort with style are vital when choosing the right furniture to stage a room. Dated, worn down or unattractive furniture can make it difficult for a buyer to connect with your house.
  3. Choose impersonal decoration – Family photos, odd souvenirs from your last vacation, or that collection of antique spoons you keep on the wall may tend to clutter a room and make a buyer feel like the are intruding on someone else’s space. Keep the décor subtle, understated and impersonal.
  4. Natural light – You can make a small, cramped room seem spacious and friendly. Keep the curtains open for a showing if there is a beautiful view outside. Choose warm lightbulbs as opposed to cold, stark LEDs. Place mirrors strategically to increase the flow of light.
  5. Hire the experts – By hiring professionals to stage your home, you benefit from years of experience and skill that will optimize the rooms in your home and make the best impression possible.

Staging a home, the right way, makes all the difference when trying to sell. Our award-winning home staging expertise guarantees results that help get your home sold quickly and at the best price.

 Hire Su Casa’s Professional Home Staging Service today and give your home the style it needs to sell. Contact us here to book a Staging Consultation.


Aim for Home Staging Success by Accenting Your Home’s Most Lived-in Space

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